Time is of the Essence
Bev Vines-Haines

I am often amazed to discover there are people out there who can look at a clock and then look away, who can go on about their day.† Not me.† Oh no.† I make clocks.† I set clocks.† I live, breathe and focus on the accuracy of every second. ††††††††††

I often ponder choices, careers, and oneís place in the fabric of life.† I will turn forty years old this next September 22nd and I accept the charge that I am a keeper of the clocks.† Would I rather be capricious?† Of course.† Rather not wear a wristwatch?† Certainly.† ††But not only must I wear one, it has to be the finest and most accurate time piece on the market.† I obsess about Greenwich Mean Time, fearful there will be a glitch, a slipup, some unforeseen malfunction that will spin time out of my control.† For example, I just received the following update: At 01:23:45 AM the time and date by US reckoning was 01:23:45 6/7/89. This was also true 12 hours later excepting 24-hour time. †††††††††††

I understand this wonít mean a lot to people headed to the beach or the mountains.† For me, it means I can take a deep breath, double (even triple) check all my clocks and watches, and then relax as much as possible until the next update is issued. †††††††††††

It isnít fair, of course.† And when I get the time, I will exact my own form of revenge. †

First published: May, 2010
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