Leave me Alone
Jeanette Cheezum

The phone rang as Kitty and her parents entered the house. Fear rattled her. She shook her head no, incase it was Mickey, packed her suitcase and downloaded her boarding pass.

Blue tooth in place, and two blocks from their house — “Put her on the phone,” Mickey shouted from behind the wheel — “this is between Kitty and me old man—.”

“She won’t talk to you; it’s too late, stop stalking her.”

Mickey drove his Porsche like a maniac — no one answered the door, he banged and shouted. “I know she’s in there . . . I’ll never give her up.”

“Sure you will.”

He turned. The sound of gunfire rang out.

“All your threats and leading edge equipment — don't scare me anymore. I’m free now.” She placed the twenty-two in her purse and left for the airport.

First published: August, 2009
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