A Matter of Opinion
Patricia Harrington

"Overturned!  What . . . where?"  

"We found the canoe, bottom side up, bobbing on the lake."  

"My god!  What about Carolyn?  Is she all right? She said she was just going out on the lake to mull over her next chapter. She liked getting out early while the breeze was fresh."  

Sheriff Andrews clasped Harold lightly on the shoulder. "I'm sorry.  Your wife’s dead.  Drowned.  A fisherman found her body caught on branches from a fallen alder.  

Harold turned from the sheriff and sat down in a chair by the cabin's front window.  "How could that happen?  She was a good swimmer--the water was calm."  

Andrews sat down near Harold.  

"Who knows.  Maybe she panicked or got knocked out when the canoe overturned.  She sure had a way to attract folks to her—everybody around liked Carolyn and were happy she married you after her divorce . . . hey, you shouldn't be alone now.  Who can I call for you?"  

Harold shook his head.  "I'll do it.  I need some alone time now."  

The sheriff rose. "Well, I gotta go.  There'll be an investigation.  But It sure looks like an accident."   Andrews briefly gripped Harold's shoulder and then left.  

In his vehicle, the sheriff looked into his rearview mirror and muttered. "Good job.”  Then he started the car. “That broad thought she could put the squeeze on me . . . tell my missus about our fling.  No way”  

He shifted into gear.  “Overturned that little scheme.”

First published: August, 2009
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