Speed Dating
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“So have you been a fire truck long?”

“Oh, aye.  For eight years now.  I’ve wanted to be one all my life, ever since I was three, like.  I used to run around the house with my siren on.”

“For sure?  Since you were three?  Wow, that’s amazing.  That’s some dream."

“It’s the only thing I ever wanted to do with my life, pet.  I left school at sixteen and went straight into fire trucking.  Never looked back.  What about you?”

"Well it’s like… I’m not like you.  I never held a job down more than a year.  I do one thing, get bored, move on.  I was a hairdresser for a year, then a mermaid.  Now I’m with a temp agency for fairy princesses so I’m changing offices, like, every week.”

"Now now, pet, don’t look so sad.  You just haven’t found your path in life yet.  What's so funny?”

“Oh, you make me laugh, is all.  You just met me.  But, you know… I wanna have a dream.  Like you."

"Well, what do you like doing?  What are you good at?"

"Not much.  But…"

"What?  Go on.  Don't be shy, pet."

"I feel dumb saying this.  But ever since I was a kid, I did kinda want to be a pussy cat.  Like, a cute one.  One that was kept by a family.  With little girls who would pet me when I sat on their laps.  Not like an alley cat."

"Well there you go, see?  That's your dream right there!"

"Oh… you probably need all sorts of qualifications and training and things."

"Hey!  If a beautiful young girl like you can't do it, then no-one can.  I bet if you really set your mind to it, this time next year you could be a pussy cat."

"Gee, thanks.  It all sounds so easy when you say it like that.  Oh, heck, that's the bell.  Time to move on.  But it's been real nice talking to you, okay?"

"You too, pet.  Take care."  


"I sure don't have to ask what you do."

"Arr, that be right, my lovely.  Captain Pete Marauder, pirate extraordinaire and scourge of the high seas."

"Real nice to meet you.  I'm Kelly."

First published:May, 2009
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