You Ain't Real, Lady
Martin Reed

"You ain't real lady – you're like a nice present all wrapped up for some sugar daddy. Wid your feather-boa and your shiny dress - fashion - dat's what you think. Hell, I slug guys over the head f' money. Dat ain't fashion, it's always been aroun' – an' it always will be too.”  

"Well how do you know that brainbox? Maybe there was a time when people just got along? An' I'm tellin' you there will be in the future - yeah, sure - maybe I want my kids ta grow up in a world like that, made by people like me! If I ever have kids, if I ever get outta this mess."  

"No-one gets outta the mess they're in lady. An' the world don' get outta the mess it's in - the mess just gets different – somehow."  

"Gus, can ya remember to thrust out your jaw like we said, when you're being aggressive with her?”  

"OK Frank – but ain't you gonna cut this anyway?”  

''Yah – too much philosophising. We'll get straight to the song here.”  

"I - I was thinkin', couldn't me and Gus do a duet with that number? That'd be real swanky wouldn't it? The bee's knees!"  

“Hem, you wanna do a duet with Jane, Gus?”  

“'Uh-huh. We can sure talk about that. Jane you comin' along to the juice-joint later?"  

"Well Gus - you know - Oh - Ok Gus, yeah."

First published:May, 2009
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