Feeling Remote
Bev Vines-Haines

There’s always been conjecture whether a woman can love two men at the same time.  I wondered myself until I met Lucy Hagamon up in Nome, Alaska.  Lucy loved me.  And she was good at it.   

We married in ’99, had us a couple kids and were at least a quarter of the way into the great American dream when Harvey Pete Yancy came upon the scene.   Lucy had a history with Harvey.  So I can’t be all pissy like she sought out some guy at a club or started an affair at work.  They’d known each other down on the mainland, met when he installed a new dishwasher for her mom and dad.    

Guess there was an instant attraction.  They dated, even talked rings.  But according to Lucy she had to come to Alaska to follow her heart.  One night she’d dreamed she was standing in Nome, looking out over Norton Sound.  And the first man she saw was her one true love.  That man was me.  

  Bedtime in Nome can be challenging.  First of July we get 21 hours and 11 minutes of daylight.  First of January?  Only 4 hours and 30 minutes.  Stuff like that can mess with your mind.  And your love life.  But if you use those blackout shades and plenty of blankets you can get by.  The average February temperature fluctuates below 4 degrees.  Means we get a lot of new babies starting in November.  Both our kids came in December.  

  But back to double loving and Harvey Yancy.  He says he came to Alaska to find Lucy and apologize for anything he did to end their relationship.  Thing is, he was still in touch with Lucy’s folks so he knew she’d married and had kids so he should have known she’d moved on.  But once he got here, looking all sorry and sad, Lucy took pity on him.  Told me she still loved him but in just a friendly kind of way.   

By July, I could see my Lucy was with child.  I’d gotten cut after we had Clifford so we could afford our new house.  So I figured this was just a friendly kind of baby.  I started to get mad.  After all, gas prices were out of control, groceries cost an arm and a leg and Lucy would soon have to quit her job.  She called a meeting.  Said she really did love two men.  And what with me and Harvey both having good jobs, it just made sense we all move in together.    

It’s not too bad.  Harvey Yancy is one hell of a poker player.  And every other night I have total control of the remote.    

First published: Aug, 2008
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