Safe Harbor
Judy Cabito
Flash Fiction Winner
On shore, Annabelle spotted the ship; she and her people prepared for its arrival.  While their stomachs growled from hunger, they worked to signal fires.  Her people had come here years before, when they could no longer harvest food from their own land. Only recently, their food supply had run out.  Now, this ship brought hope of survival once again.  

Lost at sea on its 2004 B.C. Maiden voyage, the cruise ship heaved and hoed, from gale force winds. The captain spied a beacon of light at the far end of the island.  

"We'll take her in here," he ordered.   

"We'll run aground, sir."   

"We have no choice."  

"How do you know which way?"  

"There," he said pointing to the light.   

"That can't be, the charters show these islands as uninhabited."   

"If there's light, there's life."   

"Aye. Aye, captain."   

While the ship broke into splinters against the rugged reef, fearing his ship would go down the captain rammed it through chop, a dangerous and laborious endeavor. In spite of that, for a prize, he'd offer the passengers a safe harbor over drowning any time.   

When Annabelle first arrived, her people craftily wooed the island's original inhabitants, and over a course of time, the island became theirs.  Bounty was plentiful, as the native trees made for good enclosures.    

Now as Annabelle readied for the ship's cargo, her aching belly reminded her of how long it'd been since the cages were full.

First published: May, 2007
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