Toothless Grin
Joanne Faries

Jodie and Josh Sanborn practiced hard in the summer of 2004. They were determined to spit watermelon seeds farther than Mike McClarity, three- time county champ. Seaview's paper ran a picture in 2003, and eighty year-old McClarity's victory grin displayed two missing front teeth.

A rare March ice day, the bored twins came across that picture and article.

"Sthoot," Josh whistled.  "I bet we can spit better."

Jodie nodded, "Let's practice with sunflower seeds. Jason's got a bag in his room." The twins' stealth and lookout capabilities allowed them to nab the seeds and run to the rec room without a glance from their teen brother, enthralled in video games. Their labor - spit, measure, record, and cleanup kept them busy.

As spring eased into summer, the duo did not waver in their quest for a prize. Slippery watermelon seeds arced out of the twins' mouths as they perfected their technique.

On the blazing hot August 1st   Fair Day, the twins raced to the park for contest sign-up. Their nemesis was listed first. Families cheered contestants; after a twenty-five foot round, the twins and senior remained. Mike McClarity rose, leaned on his cane, and spit a seed thirty feet. Josh stepped forward; unfortunately his new front teeth had dropped into place. He mustered his all with twenty-six feet. Jodie frowned, intent on her mission, and blew a watermelon seed thirty-one feet. The youngest competitor captured the Seaview record.  Her smiling photo revealed one missing front tooth.  

First published: May, 2007
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