Doorknobs & BodyPaint
Issue Thirty-eight

Work Issue
Theme: Hidden Assets

(Guidelines for this issue)

May 2005
Flash Fiction
First Prize
Cursum Perficio (Marilyn's Story)
Val Griffiths
May 2005
Hayward Fault Line
First Prize
The Diary
Ian Wrisley
May 2005
First Prize
Mr. Fixit's Lament
Liesl Jobson

Flash Fiction

Greg Bauder
Francine Witte
Nate's Love
Ian Wrisley
John A. Ward
Summer of 1962
Bara Swain
Jumping Through Hoops
Bev Vines-Haines
The Ultimate Fan
Rich Pearl
Ranch Market
Brent Powers
Before The Hippies
William Starr Moake
20 February 1962
Andrew Crow

Hayward Fault Line

The Thirteenth Train
Liesl Jobson
Small Compromise
Bev Vines-Haines
Vomen And Men
Judy Cabito


Lenny's Games
Bev Vines-Haines
What Makes Us Fine
Racheline Maltese


(Cairo Room, issue 20-34)

Scrapbook, Dorothy Goldberg: #21
The Nose, D. Harlan Wilson: #22
After Dinner Mints, Glenise Lee: #23
The Exasperation Of Orpheus, Berend Ter Borg: #24
Holy Shit, Bara Swain: #25
Circle Line, Liann Snow: #26
She Said, John Ward: #27
The Antelopes, Ben Woodiwiss: #28
Weight, Danielle A. Durkin: #29
Ghosts Of Austin, Lindsey Cox: #30
The Bathroom, Eve Rogers: #31
The Conundrum, Ruthie-Marie Beckwith: #32
Moon Goddess, Greg Bauder: #33
Ball-cock Assembly, John Ward: #34

Diane's View

Reviews: quick and delicate as a brush stroke

Selected for Issue #38, First published: May 2005
Issue #39 due on-line August 2005
Hang onto your 'knobs.
Leila Rae: editor
Bara Swain: dorsal editor
Lola Chavelak: art director

Aaron Jason: fiction editor emeritus