Maggie Shurtleff
Flash Fiction Winner

Allos looks in her eyes, "Are you ready to believe?" pressing hard on open wounds.

Allos demands Julie to lie on her stomach. "I know you feel pain. I will free you from your torment."

His strong hands spread her thighs with little effort. "If you have faith you'll be fine." His fingers find their way inside her. He asks "Do you have faith?" 

Julie nods her head, yes. She's learned this is not a good time to speak. Her shaky voice would only indicate doubt; increasing His need.


Allos pulls His hands out of their spots, places them on Julie's forehead. Prays a loud; His ring burns her flesh--

"Father, she is so very near to taking Me in. With Your Blessing, for the sake of this sinner's soul, I will lay hands and let her feel Your love through Me, Your Son, until she is free from her own evil."

Allos lifts his hands away from Julie's forehead, leaving His Mark.


The detectives walk down to the river's edge.  "Looks like another victim of 'The Carpenter'! This one's white. Maybe early twenties or so? Doesn't make sense though! There's no pattern. They're all different. No rhyme or reason. No connection."

"Except they're all dead and branded."  Sgt. Jamison squats next to the body and with a pencil turns the dead girl's head toward him. "Yup! The same insignia--a hammer and nails. Christ! I hope the bastard that did this, burns in hell."

First published: November, 2004
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