Junks and Sushi
Ben Woodiwiss
Flash Fiction winner

He wiped the sweat off his hand and gripped the control again. The fat man just would not shut up.

"We're gonna be remembered forever here."


"I mean, have you ever seen one of these things go off?"


"Damn, 'scuse my language, but that is one thing you oughta see. The ultimate power."

They were quiet for a moment and then the fat man started up again.

"You know, we're being ordered to do this an‚ all, but you could show a little more excitement."

"How d'ya figure that?"

"Like I said, we're gonna be legends here. No one will ever forget our names. We'll be like Columbus, or Washington, or Lincoln. Heroes for ever."

He snorted in response. "Come on, it's a fishing village. Nothing there but junks and sushi. I'll be surprised if we don't get forgotten in a week."

"You should take more pride in your work. You'd get a lot more outta life."

Finally, they reached the drop.

"Is this it?" he asked.

The fat man looked at his map. "Yup."

"Okay then."

He reached over and flicked the switch, pulling the nose of the plane around fast, as soon as it was clear. The fat man jumped up and ran to the belly of the plane.

"Keep it open. I wanna see this."

They were a good three miles away by the time it hit. The fat man watched in wonder as the cloud swelled up to resemble a mushroom.

"Not half bad."

First published: May, 2004
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