Moon Goddess
Greg Bauder

That night, after a boring day, in my dream her light was delicate and reaching, a beacon illuminating the forlorn regions of my shadowy, tired mind, allowing me to escape into a sea of tranquility. It really seems almost outlawed to love the night, my sleepy desires ringing true with her full aura, haloed by angels over the many milleniums. Yet love and romance blossom then, beneath her watchful gaze: this Princess of Darkness must be love; yes! Love incarnate, gazing but never blaming, loving love in all its caring beds, satisfying mind, body and spirit without question. It, then, is her unconditional waving goodbye that makes the ocean so blue by day, but anticipating the night impassions the flow out of the river Styx into Earth-Mother Gaia's everlasting rising bosom of oceans; she casts shards of diamonds on Gaia's slow ebbing and crashing shores of dark delight. It is now that she has risen like Christ, spreading love on the feet of all creation, like Mary Magdalene washing Jesus' feet.

Soon, I am bare before her like a winter deciduous tree, and in my dream, I worship her the way the sun can never be blessed. But, it is this night I am engaged with her for an eternity as all Gaia's children are, raised from dust to a new dawning. But, I love her most when she beams her ecstacy into me, as I awaken at night longing to see her cream-coloured body in my naked eye. I search her face, caring for her with tenderness and karma. Then, she rolls beneath night cover, and walks away in beauty at sunrise.

My enemy, Apollo, the winter sun, shone coldly as Selene left that morning. I began to shiver and then a nurse appeared with pills to give me. She asked me why I was shaking. I said I was in love. I swallowed the pills as the nurse smiled and left my room. I got on my knees and prayed to Selene.

First published: February, 2004