Pat Sheridan

"I was cured all right."
Alex- "A Clockwork Orange"

David swept into the camp without detection. Despite his employment contract, he knew many were afraid of him, so he chose stealth over walking in the front door. He was doing them a favor by ridding them of the Jews, but they still couldnít stomach the orgy of blood that was his nightly feast. They could gas them, shoot them and strangle them, but somehow they couldnít handle his diet. In the long run it didnít matter. They would have to suffer the consequences of hiring him and he would escape with nothing more than a full stomach.

In a flash, he was standing in front of the door with the demented cross, blocking the entrance to the smooth room where his dinner slept. Some of his brethren liked rooms having hooks or knobs to stick the remainder of their meals on while they savored one victim. Unlike them, he enjoyed the chase. Hunting twenty meals at once while they clamored for a place to hide or a way to escape the terror exhilarated him, making the flavor of his meal all the more savory.

Excited, he took a deep breath, smelling the sweet fear pouring from their bodies. His mouth watered and heart raced. Thunder crashed in the distance and he slipped through the door, teeth extended and muscles tense. The screaming began and dinner was served.

First published: November, 2003
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