Doorknobs & BodyPaint
Issue Three Index

Texas Ruby Red
First Prize Award Winner

Wild Life: Chris Kammler

Contest Stories and Exercises
Open All Night: Rich Adams
The Objective Goodbye: Rich Adams
Traffic Jam: Georgianna Lear
Overweight Boy Holds
Kitchen Staff Hostage
At Skyline High School:
Georgianna Lear
Opal Haney: Anita S. Linker
The Quiet Fog: Stephanie Amedeo Marquez
Tomboy: Staphanie Marquez
Firetrap: Leila Rae

The Lecture: Rich Adams
The Gargoyle: Jerome Salyers, Jr.

Re-contextualization of Work or Style
From Gabriel Garcìa Márquez
to Jamaica Kincaid
GGMRO: Rich Adams
Blessing The Fishing Fleet
At Cordoba Del Mar :
Leila Rae
Boy: Stephanie Marquez

What We See
Forgotten Whore: Aaron Jason

From the Editor
Death Plays Pool: Leila Rae
In Memory of All [Artists]
Who Died of AIDS

Doorknobs and BodyPaint will be produced again sometime in the future.
Hang onto your 'knobs.
Leila Rae and
Aaron Jason
9 July 1996

First published: July 1996