Vida Janulaitis

I hadn't been back to visit my girlfriend in Bar Harbor since the accident. She rescues wildlife sea creatures. But in the end she couldn't rescue him. Did part of me resent that? Yeah.

We've always loved the power, the beauty of the sea and sky. I'm thrilled that he decided to propose by it. When the ring didn't fit he took it back to re-size it. Late that afternoon we all decided to go for a boat ride. For me it would be a perfect time to buy him a present, so I opted out. Knowing Mitch loved the water I told them I'd wait for them on the dock.

I remember it being a day you only see on canvas. Picture perfect. The boat seemed to come into the dock in slow motion. Then the explosion happened and I blanked out. When I came to, the harbor turned into hell with fires burning everywhere. Then I saw her laid out on a stretcher and I looked for him. I screamed for him. When the two officers approached me, I knew. I left and never came back. There was nothing for me to even take back. Nothing.

A year later after getting an invitation I set out on my pilgrimage. After the pain, I'd become a different person in the space of a year. Stronger, happier, more relaxed. It was rough at first but I'd become a better person for knowing him, but I had to say good-bye.

The reunion was bittersweet, she hadn't fared so well. They never found out what had gone wrong. The day Mitch had died was Halloween. Ironically we were supposed to go out that night to a huge bash at the town center, I as Venus, he as Mars.

This time Connie and I decided to go rescue some loons that had gotten trapped in some seaweed. Although the day began as sunny, when we got to the water the fog started rolling in. Most of the loons were easily taken care. The last one presented a bit of a problem. It seemed entwined in something else. While she held it I noticed that around its leg held by a wire was a unique diamond ring.

"Oh my God, it can't be, it just can't be!"

My engagement ring from a year ago.

While Connie read the inscription of the ring I mouthed the words silently.

"Sea & Sky, Soul Mates Forever."

"Good-bye my love, till we meet again. Happy Halloween."

You see, the gift I bought that fateful day was a painting of a loon with its mate.

First published: November 2002
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