Holy Sun-Tanned Left Forearm,
or, 'How's My Driving?'

J.B. Pravda

The Brotherhood of Overland Haulers annual convention packed the convention hall to hear a special guest, the beloved Father O'Hanley, himself a former trucker, who had just been awarded a MacArthur Prize for his discoveries in Biblical Archaeology; a hush fell over the throng as he began to read from an ancient scroll: "And it came to pass in those days that a young carpenter of the House of Joseph was wont to make deliveries of items; on one such occasion, a very large crowd had gathered to witness the miracles that seemed to accompany him: as the young man began unloading an especially heavy piece, the people were in awe of the handtruck he used to do so, not to mention the powerful hydraulic ramp of the eighteen wheeler."

First published: February, 2002
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