Red Lollipop
Ron Morelli

"Y ou may want more, and you may want less, but in-between them I'm still the best," and she sucked slowly on the red lollipop between her lips, rolling it to and fro for just not so subtle kicks.

He gave her a look, a gaze that went down her spine and under her skirt, shot between her legs and measured her girth. He teased back with a smile that puckered his cheeks into dimples, and she teased back by the rolling of the sucker for the Sucker.

"My wife is nearby," he explained quietly with his lips, moving his hands above his, and her hips.

"Welcome to the Magnificent Mile friend, and stranger. I hope your trip is as exciting as your eyes expect it to be," and he raised both his brows at the fine line. She plucked the sucker from between her lips, and the sound was loud and dirty. He saw her lips, and tongue were stained red from the candy, and then he felt that stained mouth press deeply against his own; the raw flesh of her tongue slithering into the garden as he reeled back from the shock.

"It hurts like hell doesn't," she laughed, popping the candy back into its hole.

"Should it?" he asked incredulously, looking back like Lot's wife.

"Do you wear boots?" she gestured with the tip of her left foot at his own shoes.

"I do, but I'm not wearing them now. You can see that though, but why do you ask?"

She chuckled mildly, rolled her head off to the side and leaned her body back against the hotel wall, underneath the painting of Custer's last stand. "Boots come in handy for many things," she went on to explain. "I can think of two just off the top of my head."

"I bet you can," he mused enjoying the flirtation. "Would one of those things be for when it gets thick?"

"And the other," she countered, "is to protect your ankle from snakes in the grass."

"I should go back to my wife now. She'll wonder where I've slinked off too."

The woman just gave him a fixed look, plucked the sucker out once more, and then rolled it back across her lips. "You may want more, or you may want less, but I'm still the very best." And he shrugged, and preened, took one step away and departed from the temptation to always dream.

First published: November 2001