Doorknobs & BodyPaint
Issue Twenty-four Index
(Guidelines for this issue)

November 2001
Flash Fiction
First Prize
Freak Ocurrence
Diane Dees Tobiason
November 2001
Hayward Fault Line
First Prize
Darkness and Fear
J. Zachary

Flash Fiction

Dark Houses
Vida Janulaitis
Not So Wicked
Andrew Ramer
The Thief
Christina Buffington
The Death of Mary
Kevin Kocis
Cold as Death
Kristen Hansen
Jack Be Fast
Ron Morelli
In Chilling Warmth
Sofia Mauja

Hayward Fault Line

Still Fires Run Deep
Cost of Sale Analysis
Andrew Steane
Red Lollipop
Ron Morelli

Cairo Room

The Exasperation of Orpheus
Berend Ter Borg
What I Have Drawn
M. Ben-Beras
A Cry in the Wilderness
Tim Ljunggren
Bara Swain

Diane's View

Reviews: quick and delicate as a brush stroke

Selected for Issue 24, First published: November, 2001
Issue #25 due on-line February, 2002
Hang onto your 'knobs.
Leila Rae: editor
Aaron Jason: fiction editor
Lola Chavelak: art director