Dark Houses
Vida Janulaitis

I t took me a long time, but I'm better now. At least that's what I said to the doctors. They seem pleased with that answer. I remember the breakdown, the last few months and those dark moments in between.

When I left the insane asylum, "they” called it a psychiatric facility, I wanted my life back. The taxi took me back to my old house and I found the Sold sign in front of it. They never told me. I wondered why?

I still had the key to the front door. Stepping inside I inhaled that musky scent of Chanel No. 5 that still haunts me.

The kids would be coming soon and I had to get ready. This would be the first time I would be giving out the candy alone. See, I'm not so wicked that I don't remember the ghosts and goblins.

I know my mom is gone, and I know what they say I did. I don't believe it, even on this anniversary.

Just like last time, I left the house intending to buy treats. Having a few hours left before dusk I diverted towards the movie theatre featuring a premiere.

Moments after the show started I knew I found my new home. After losing so much in my life, here was someone who understood me and who I understood. When the movie was over I stayed for the second showing of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, my new family.

First published: November 2001
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