Electric Repercussions
L. C. Woessner

June 3, 1885

Dearest Marie:

I write you in such a state, I hope to keep from spilling ink on the page. I am currently hole up in my kitchen; brought the dogs inside with me and lit as many candles as the cathedral on Christmas Eve.

I fear the eerie incidents we discussed before are increasing in frequency. Although I disabled the memeograph, telegraph and telephone, they come to life for 20-30 seconds at a time. Both new and old light bulbs in the workshop flicker in a most unprecedented and unnatural way.

Then about an hour ago, something occurred bringing my sanity to its knees. I heard sleigh bells ringing outside, I opened the door to a young boy standing in the darkness. I tried to focus on his features but he had a face unlike most other faces, you could see through his eyes to the stars in the sky. He looked at me for a moment, then smiled and said "thank you. I watched in fear and fascination as he turned and skipped down the meadow toward the cemetery and out of sight.

Marie - what if my electrical inventions function as a portal for the dead? You have an open mind to matters of the spiritual realm and well read on the subject, I plead for your thoughts on this matter, and urgently!

Yours truly,

First published: August 2001
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