Nine thousand and ninety nine premises. . .
Michael Blackman

Nine thousand and ninety nine premises of the sub-division create the moment between the edge of the piece fitting into the edge of the piece coalescing into pure fragmentation, logical and interpreted. Degrees of extravagance with each part meeting at an intersection of line versus line before you thought about the promise. The l-shaped was and still could be more pure than the first part of the edge where cliffs break into the sea. Each piece meeting and intersecting not parallel to the either of the other sides, congruity against the grain of each singular promise made by the other side. This simultaneously pieced together in issues of four plus issues of every multiple of ninety degrees keeps the pace of packed mule steps in the deserts, where the sky meets the sand and the line is created and the space is actually round even though appearing flat. And this line between me and you and the sky and sand is virtually inaccessible to the common eye, but I promise with each inch of leg to hip, between fingers, the nose and the upper lip, and the bottom of the chin before the neck that this point this intersection of place and place shall become the last part of crucial intensity as they batter against each other and make nothing but a place where two things meet and become one forever. This extravagant promise of meeting you, is my promise unto you.

First published: May 2001