Ugur Halici

Flash Fiction Winner
Art by Ugur Halici

Has been working non-stop whilst sitting at the center of the universe since God created the dome of the sky. She should be so precise in measuring phi and should be so fair in determining the value of respective theta. She is the angel of angles. She is a gifted one who has been honoured by hairs made of beams of the brightest light.

Theta and phi: Two angles; two dimensions to represent perfectly each position on the celestial sphere. Phi is the internal dimension for the depth of soul while theta is for its eternity, that is for external unification to the whole. Whatever was the depth of a soul, it was going to be that influential on the others for eternity, as a divine rule.

She is the angel of angles who had sworn to God for enlightening a diamond in the sky for each embodied soul. A beam of hair was to emit for each soul, at the angles theta and phi reflecting exactly its depth and its eternity. As her hair styled as a vortex crown swirling inside, there would be a stream of stars on a spiral pathway rounding the dome, at each turn rising awhile.

Now the time is almost one less than two thousand. It is not a surprise that the oath she made has turned to an extravagant promise! Sitting there all these years, she is bored and tired. . . The stars are spread all over the sky as the arrows of her hair are angling pale diamonds for unfair theta and imprecise phi.

First published: May 2001