Doorknobs & BodyPaint
Issue Twenty-one Index
(Guidelines for this issue)

February 2001
Flash Fiction
First Prize
She Laughed
Ron Morelli
February 2001
Hayward Fault Line
First Prize
First Fruits
Mary M. Munro

Flash Fiction

The Last Valentine In Amiens
Andrew R. Crow
Hiding From Wesley Charles
Jenelle M. Cain
Vida Janulaitis
Isabella Trebond
Night At Dark
Sofia Mauja
The Photographer
A. B. Singhal
A Bedtime Story
Sanford Tweedie
A Lady's Guide To Rising
Melissa Miles

Hayward Fault Line

Dutch Treat
Margot Comstock
The Gentrification Of Swaziland
Steve Rodriguez
Diamonds In The Rough
Vida Janulaitis

Cairo Room

Dorothy Goldberg
Chocolate Waters
Pots Are Made For Throwing
And Other Lessons
From Questionable Sources
Douglas Byrne
The Bronze Horseman
Berend ter Borg
An Open Letter
To John Heminges And William Condell
Bara Swain
Coffee And Paper Man
Shanu Bridges
Albany Yank In Cuchulainn's Court
Duncan Campbell Crary

Diane's View

Reviews: quick and delicate as a brush stroke

Selected for Issue 21, First published: February, 2001
Issue #22 due on-line May, 2001
Hang onto your 'knobs.
Leila Rae: editor
Aaron Jason: fiction editor
Lola Chavelak: art director