Diamonds In The Rough
Vida Janulaitis

I remember I arrived in the rainy season. Setting foot upon the game reserve what I couldn't remember was all the border crossings I had to make to get there. After falling in love with him, I left him behind a year ago continuing with my life. I tried to let go, to simply walk away, and even though that worked for awhile, here I was again trying to reconnect. What I did understand was that this was my last chance, I didn't have it in me to try anymore. I just needed to resolve things, to talk it out even if it was the last time we would ever sincerely face each other. Don't ask me why, I just needed that. I guess it just came down to the simple fact that I missed him.

They told me he would be back soon. I sat on the steps of the house in the shadows watching the sun set. It was a strange place for him to end up. He never really like animals and yet here he was in charge of almost extinct ones trying to protect them. He ended up half way around the world in Swaziland trying to find himself. I ended up in the same place because I wanted not to have any regrets.

I sensed him rather than saw him. He approached the house tentatively and stood still.

We both stared at each other neither one of us moving. All I wanted was one word. But I guess he didn't know how to react. I had one more border to cross. It took all the courage I had to walk forward. Reaching towards him with a book, by his favourite author, which I used as a symbol of a friendship we both once cherished, I smiled. He smiled back. It was a start. At least it was a start.

First published: February 2001