Cody Maxwell

Hayward Fault Line Winner

I' m going to Kansas City.
Kansas City here I come.
I know the fields are dry but I'm not; I'm drunk like a clown and what the hell am I doing here?
My mama will always take me back. I just don't need to be in Knoxville. Those hills. I want them! A bluish-grey variety of comfort. But not the cold steel of jail. Not Prison.

I need a party. I need people. I need sound. I need Sara.

I should have listened to mama. I should have stayed home. I should have never met her. I should forget about the road. I should have bought more beer back there. I should have waited.

"Let's go see B.B. King! He's in Kansas City and how could you want to see him anywhere else? Come on, Bobby, let's go!" Sara's persistent ass. I thought I might as well. My grandmother's name is Lucille.

This was your idea.
Hummingbird? Don't fly aw-a-a-a-y!

Hey Sara, which way? Is this the crossroads where Robert Johnson sold his soul? Awl. my luv's. in va-i-i-i-n. Get up girl, let's get out and dance! Come on, see if you can spot a pitchfork. We only got four beers left.

Hey can't you hear the wind howl?
O can't you hear the wind howl?

Fuck B.B. King Sara let's see Mr. Johnson. Where's the devil? It ain't hot, let's do it. We ain't got tickets anyway. Let's do it.

We standing at the crossroads ain't we?

You can sure as hell see the constellations out here. Kansas sucks besides that. Get out girl. Bring the beer with you.

Where is everybody Sara? Where's my mama? We know where she is where am I? Where are you Sara? Where's the beer store? I been all over and I just wanted to see everything. I'm going to get it together one day. I've got a long way to go and ain't ready to slow down. I don't want to go to jail Sara get out here. Don't fuck with me.

I don't regret a thing girl.
Don't lay there Sara get out. Move. I told you to take it easy on that shit. Get out.
Lay down out here.
Ditches ain't cool.
I know.
But I told you.

Check out the sky, girl. Kansas City sucks but you can see forever. If you ain't here later then that's us: that star on the corner of Orion.

First published: November 2000