Fleming (Le Flammand)
Berend ter Borg
Flash Fiction Winner
In the year 1348, Gaspard of the monastery of Chalons sur Marne wrote: The war has raged over France for years, and now this year, in addition to the Black Death, a man comes from the north. This man, he is from Flanders, he rages through our country like a bull with the mind of a pig. He raids the lands that are being visited by the Plague, that is, all of France. He and his group robs and kills those who have stayed alive, they themselves are immune to the Black Death. Some say that he is the Plague, and it is possible, but not likely. After all, he is from the north, the Plague comes from the south and east. He is an ally of the Plague, perhaps all of Flanders is an ally, it's the only part of the world that has not been struck by the Plague. But this man, this son of the devil, who was formerly believed to have been an ordinary man, until he rose to the occasion provided by the Plague, he is now greater than any other plunderers in our poor country. His men look up to him, although they don't know his name, because nobody can know the name of a demon le Flammand because he's from Flanders. It is our hope that God will make a man stand, an Anti-Flammand, a man who can kill the beast that rages through our country.
In God we trust.

First published: August 2000
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