Andrew R. Crow
"T ake note, the chocolate ration has been increased from 30 grams to 25 grams effective today at 1700 hours. We triumph without adversity. That is all."

Ralph126 smiled secretly and pulled open his drawer. More choc tomorrow and I've still got half a bar left! He absently reached for his late snack and was puzzled to feel a hard piece of paper instead.

It was a flatshot, a photograph of a man or a woman. Who could be certain with shaved heads and State uni's on everyone? The eyes looked fem and somewhat familiar. A furtive look told him HeadViz22 was glancing his way and coming over. The flatshot went below the cuff.

"No type, Ralph? Bad biz. Typing fills the quota, feeds the Machine and the Machine wins the trouble on the Western Front. Nod yes, Ralph?"

"Sir, nod yes! A slack to finish my choc of the day."

"Slack, yes! Finish. Thought maybe you weren't over that business. Put a tremble in me! OK, yes, after re-education? Bit of nasty business that fem deal. Not still braining on no-no copulation biz?"

Ah, yes now, Sarah119. That nasty fumbling in-out. That's the flatshot pic! Such foolishness!

"No, HeadViz. I'm in-line and dedicated! Found something from before time. See!"

"Memories of no good! Re-cycle Ralph. That's not needed here."

Ralph tossed the flatshot into the recycle tube. A sense of pride struck him. Silly dead woman. Almost cost me all.

Ralph bent over his terminal.

First published: May 2000
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