The West As It Was Meant To Be
Alice Whittenburg
Dear Editor, Dear Sir, Dear Friend,

I began writing a book a day nearly a year ago, so, of course, there are already over 300 of them. My books are not long, but are carefully constructed, and my mother proofreads and edits them. In the margins you can see many comments and corrections in her small, fine hand. Mother isn't happy here, I know, but at least we're living the West as it was meant to be.

"Hero of the Last Wilderness," "Nightfall on the Border," "Lonesome Trail," "Buffalo Moon," "Standing Tall." These are just a few of my titles. You can see that they are far more serious than most books written in one day. This is because we are out here. In our cabin. In the West. The experience is a once-in-a-lifetime inspiration. I think all of my books will be suitable for you to publish.

"Frontier Palace," "One Man Alone," "Pride and Hope," "Saddle Up," "Silent and Strong." A few more of my titles. Mother doesn't like adventures. She says proofreading them is getting very tiresome, but I won't give up. I have a burning love for the West as it was meant to be.

"Mountain Lion," "A Time for Gold," "Men Without Fear," "The Big Challenge," "Hero of the Last Wilderness." I think I am beginning to repeat myself, but, as you can see, these books are worthy of your consideration. I dream of the day when bookstores will be filled with them. All 365. With covers that show proud, strong men on horses. Or around a campfire. Or fighting the last brave fight. I think $5.95 is a fair price for a paperback, don't you?

Mother says one year and one year only. There are maybe six weeks left, maybe forty books. Then we will go back to our house where it won't be possible to write. Our house is in New Jersey. Our house is in the East. We have a microwave oven. Please, you must respond immediately. Write and tell me which titles to send first or if I should send everything that has been proofread. Mother has a real feel for the language, but she misses television more than you can imagine. You must respond as soon as you receive this letter. Today I am writing "The West As It Was Meant To Be."

First published: November 1999