The Trip
Bernie Zapata
C hoo-choo, Choo-choo, look at that. Yeah I know, Hill. Cho-Cho, Cho-cho, Look at that. Yes, I know that, Hill. CH....SHUTUP, HILL!!!! Don't you think I can't see the damn thing. It's standing right in front of me. (sniffle) Ah, man, every time I yell you have to cry. I'm sorry, Hill, come over and give your brother a hug. Sucker, I told you never to hug me in public.

That was the beginning of our story. Happy mood isn't it. Well not for freaking us. Me and brother got stranded in the middle of the desert. Because the conductor caught us without no ticket. Stupid you say, well yeah, but if it wasn't for my little monkey of a brother and his fascination of trains, we wouldn't be in this mess. Now I'm sweating and thirsty in the middle of the desert. My brother Hill, on the other hand, is happy go-lucky because he rode on the train.
Hours passed us by. My brother can't take the heat, I have to carry him. I just watched the beautiful illusions of the dessert which were all fake. I was afraid of me and my brother dying. And the thought of vultures pecking my eyes was revolting. Cho-cho..... Yeah I know, you rode the train, woptie doo. Cho-cho look at it. No, Hill, it's just a mirage. Cho-Cho CH...SHUTU..... But no, a cloud of thinning stream arose from afar, I smelled it. I let my brother hug me for awhile.

First published: August 1999