A Life Once Spent
Tim Putnam
T he dying bum followed the well dressed blond back to her hotel. He was discreet. The blond was looking for the man following her. He had once been her lover. He stared at the hotel, wondering which was her window. They had once shared a dream together. Made love. He would crawl up deep inside her. Find solace in his soul. She would surround him with heat damper than a hot bayou summer night. He would close his eyes, and imagine himself always there. In the bushes outside her hotel, he imagined himself there once again. His unused love rose to the occasion. He pulled himself out. Stroking and remembering her, he wanted to find security inside her once again. But as he sat on the edge of climax like a falling cat's claws latch onto a tree branch from extended limbs, he knew death would be consume him if he ever sought safe haven inside her. Death would be quick. Less painful than the longing that weighted his heart. Cowardly, he came in the bushes. He should never have came to this town that was now his purgatory. He would never have met the daughter. The daughter that seduced him into her bedroom. The daughter that made him forget the blond for the night. The daughter who brought a pleasure no man should know, on a night when no man should be out. The daughter of the witch, who put a spell of a thousand sleeping demons' souls into his heart, that they should awaken should he ever enter another woman. The daughter who tired of him, leaving him to rot with his shame and memories in dirty alleys of Bourbon Street. He was dying from a self-inflicted broken heart. He smelt of cum, urine and feces. He could take the pain no longer. He laid in waiting for the blond to leave the hotel. She did. He followed once again at a safe distance. At the right time he grabbed her, both disappearing into an alley. She screamed. He kissed her. He pulled himself out. He pulled up her dress and pulled down her panties. Spreading her flower, he entered the frightened blond who loved him. Who had come to recognize the bum until the souls of a thousand demons awakened and exploded out of his heart. His life spent inside her, he fell dead.

First published: August 1999
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