Alien Love
Kelley A. Brennan

O kay, I was stupid. It took a second to figure out, but for a minute there I swooned, I really did. It seems weird, but I didn't find them attractive at first, not like some people, I didn't get their appeal, I mean they looked to me like machines with tattoos. The mind thing was a closed book to me, I know my friend Cala got the connection right away, right over the TV, when they came out onto the lawn with the President, because she called them hunks. I looked at her like she was nuts, but she was getting the message, that was pretty clear. So when the Congressman said he'd take me to the reception, I jumped at the chance. Anyway, I got the attention of one of them. It - I mean they aren't like us sexually, after all, are they, no matter how they make us feel - turned to me and all at once I felt it, that incredible incandescent feeling of love, that oneness at the heart of desire and somewhere in my heart Tommy Snyder rose up from the grave driving drunk put him in and lived again. I started to cry. Then it raised its - what can I call it? - finger? claw? - to its mouth and pressed it slowly against the corroded metal of its teeth and I was myself again, shaking and weak. It's a trick they have. They're dangerous. We need to do something. Now.

First published: February 14, 1999