Doorknobs & BodyPaint
Guidelines & Prompts
Issue 90, May 2018
Work & Workers

Submission deadline:
Opens — March 15, 2018 / Closes — April 30, 2018
Publication date: May 2018

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Call for Submissions
Work. It does or it doesn’t. We do or we don’t. Work that is. Some of us do it without thinking, a bit like working in the dark. Some of us never stop thinking about it, 24/7. It consumes us. We never stop talking about it. We are always engaged in some form of it. Write a story about work within the limits of our contest guidelines (hoops):
1. Maximum length: 250 words.
2. The sub-theme is: avoiding welfare.
3. The year is:  1981.
4. Within the story, you must use this text:  Striving for perfection.

TAPAS  (tiny morsels)
1.  Maximum length:  250 words.
2.  The sub-theme is: high expectations.
3. Within the story, you must use this bit of text:  tap the key.
4. Like seasoning, it is language that makes your story unique. Surprise us.  

 HAYWARD FAULT LINE (shake us up) Leila Rae, editor 
1. Maximum length: 450 words.
2. The sub-theme is: mystery.
3. The setting is: Sydney, Australia.
4. Within the story, you must use this bit of text: make short.

 DORSAL CONTEST:  Bara Swain, editor
Barbara Kingsolver vowed that she and her family would only buy food raised in their own neighborhood, grow it themselves, or learn to live without it. For one year, the rural life that they led is revealed in her part memoir, part journalistic investigation, ABOUT ANIMAL, VEGETABLE, MIRACLE. Barbara Kingsolver and her coauthors unearth the secret lives of vegetables and the unexpected satisfactions of knowing their food producers — and sometimes their dinner — on a first-name basis.
Yard art is an earnest form of self-expression here. Autumn, with its blended undertones of “joyful harvest” and “Trick-or-Treat kitsch,” brings out the best and worst on the front lawns: colorful displays of chrysanthemums and gourds. A large round hay bale with someone’s legs hanging out of its middle. (A pair of jeans and boots stuffed with newspaper, I can only hope; we’ll call it a farm safety reminder.) One common theme runs through all these dioramas, and that is the venerable pumpkin. They were lined up in rows, burnished and proud and conspicuous, the big brass buttons on the uniform of our village. On the drive home from our morning’s errands we even passed a pumpkin field where an old man and a younger one worked together to harvest their crop, passing up the orange globes and stacking them on the truck bed to haul to market. We’d driven right into a Norman Rockwell painting.
In 450 words or less, write a story that reveals your attitude toward food, cooking or food culture.
The Cairo Room contains all non-contest and writer's pool selections under 450 words. From the exotic to the post-modern to hypertext to first time writers, this room welcomes you all.

General Guidelines: SUBMISSION PERIOD OPENING AND CLOSING: /March 15, 2018 through April 30, 2018.

1. Send your submission by email, please include your name, mailing address, email address, and bio at the beginning of each story; paste your story into the body of your email.

2. If you send more than one story (four total), send each story as a separate email.

3. This is important. Put the category DK (Doorknobs), HF (Hayward Fault), DO (Dorsal), TA (Tapas), CR (Cairo Room), the issue #, and your last name on the subject line. (example: DK, 61, Argure) We use a filter for all email; therefore, if you do not put this information in the subject line, your email will automatically go into trash.

4. Do not send your story in HTML format or as an attachment. If you send your story in HTML format or as an attachment, it will be discarded. 5. The selection of a story for publication and the winner depends on the guidelines (mandatory). If you want clarification on any of them, email us before sending your story. We will be glad to help. 6. We cannot pay for your work.
Contest Winners for each section (Doorknobs, Hayward Fault Line, Dorsal, Tapas):
An opportunity to read at one of Pandemonium Press Presents reading series.
We do not pay for publishing your work.
The writers retains all copyright to their work.