Issue 92
on-line November 2018

by Mark A. Fisher
Doorknob Winner

Our Lady of Crisis
by Shaenrayce Leigland
Hayward Fault Line Winner

The Last Word
by Bev Vines-Haines
Dorsal Winner

Beware of God
by Dale Jensen
Tapas Winner

All Saints

Shrines spring up in the most unlikely places. Not just the ones on top of mountains, or the ones along riverbeds, or under trees. Shrines appear in back allies, where someone has chipped away a brick and inserted a drawing or clay figure in its place; or, yet again, in the desert, soon to lost to the shifting winds. Shrines are always coming into being. We need them. So, take a moment and write a story within the guidelines for All Saints.


Many Doorknob & BodyPaint writers also have personal BLOGS. The URL is usually include in their bios. Now, we have a link to their BLOGS to facilitate reading a favorite writer.