Issue 91
on-line August 2018

That Takes the Cake
by Miriam Kotzin
Doorknob Winner

Ring-Side Seat
by Bev Vines-Haines
Hayward Fault Line Winner

Open Window
by Dianne McKnight
Dorsal Winner

Occult Counseling
by Jeffry Yoo-Hess
Tapas Winner

Hot August Nights

The heat has been unbearable, for far too long this August. The governor has issued a State of Emergency Order for the next ten days. He urges the elderly and children to drink lots of water and stay indoors. You've waited through a cold July for this heat. Outside, the sun is setting and with the coming of night, your skin prickles. Overhead the moon is full, bleaching the earth a brilliant white and casting long shadows from trees and buildings. As you step into the shadow, your heart leaps, what was that sound, an owl? Perhaps.


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