Issue 87
on-line August 2017

Just a Little More Than Envy
by Bev Vines-Haines
Doorknob Winner

by Sara McAulay
Hayward Fault Line Winner

Back in the Shell
by Bev Vines-Haines
Dorsal Winner

A Horrible Death
by KJ Hannah Greenberg
Tapas Winner

Hot August Nights

Hot Summer Nights. Hot. Temperatures rise. Tempers flair. You've waited through the rain and snow for the heat. But, now, you sense the danger. The sun is setting and with the coming of night. It seems hotter. Your skin prickles. You’re sweaty. You yearn for a cool mountain breeze. And, all you have is a noisy air conditioner in an open window.


Many Doorknob & BodyPaint writers also have personal BLOGS. The URL is usually included in their bios. Now, we have a link to their BLOGS to facilitate reading a favorite writer.