Issue 94
on-line May 2019

Just Like John
by Marjorie Carson Davis
Doorknob Winner
The Little Pepper
by KJ Hannah Greenberg
Hayward Fault Line Winner
The Tribal Woman: Shiraz, Iran
by Sandy Steinman
Dorsal Winner
by Miriam Kotzin
Tapas Winner


Work. It does or it doesn’t. We do or we don’t. Work that is. Some of us do it without thinking, a bit like working in the dark. Some of us never stop thinking about it, 24/7. It consumes us. We never stop talking about it. We are always engaged in some form of it.


Many Doorknob & BodyPaint writers also have personal BLOGS. The URL is usually include in their bios. Now, we have a link to their BLOGS to facilitate reading a favorite writer.